Our Company

Rodger Willoughby and Jim Hopple first met in 1994 on a Michelin assignment. Jim was a commercial real estate broker for the WM. Goldsmith Company, and Rodger was a corporate real estate manager with Michelin North America.

Several years later we became brokers in the same commercial real estate company, and began to partner on assignments. We soon discovered that we were a good team. Our diverse backgrounds gave each of us different individual strengths, and our combined strengths as a team benefited our clients in achieving their goals and objectives.

We share a strong Christian faith and we both share good business principles. We started Keystone Commercial Group on July 1, 2009 based on two founding principles:

1. Quality:

Deliver excellence in all our professional services using only "Best Practices." Always ensure that our clients (1) have all the facts, (2) understand all the implications, (3) are given the best advice, and (4) are prepared with the best negotiating strategy and tactics.

2. Value-Added Service:

We are focused on providing creative solutions for the challenging real estate requirements of our clients, and we began by setting and maintaining standards of value-added services well above the norm in the industry. Our assignments end only after we exceed our clients' expectations.

We also operate our business around four important values:

1. Integrity:

We will not compromise our individual or company integrity for any reason. Our ethical standards are the highest in all business dealings. We pledge to maintain our company's integrity.

2. Teamwork:

As the owners and only brokers in the firm, we serve our clients with a unique "Team Approach" in managing each assignment. Our Team Approach enables us to contribute as team members in partnership with our clients as an experienced and knowledgeable team to provide value-added transactional and consulting services to our clients. Our teamwork generates value-added results that achieves more than a single-broker effort.

3. Leadership:

Our continued success stems in part from a combined 25 years of successful commercial real estate brokerage experience. We lead every assignment with demonstrated technical expertise and integrity. Principled leadership and technical competence will continue to be our clients' formula for success.

4. Balance:

Balanced lives make for a healthier and consistently more productive business. While hard work and devotion to our clients are routinely provided, we do encourage each other to balance our faith, family, community, and self with our business.

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